Unleashing Human Potential

Values-driven organisations are the most successful on the planet.

Transformation for positive impact beyond profit.

International Resilience for sustainable growth

Every excellent company needs to be clear on what it stands for and take the process of value shaping seriously. In fact, we wonder whether it is possible to be an excellent company without clarity on values and without having the right sort of values.

Most successful entrepreneurs understand that running a high-growth organization is a collective effort. You need to learn to develop strategic relationships to dramatically impact your success, and that is why organisational transformation begins with the personal transformation of the leaders.  In brief, if the leaders don’t change, the culture won’t change.

Values are considered to be at the heart of successful organisational decision-making. Rosabeth Moss Kanter, a Professor at Harvard Business School and Chair and Director of the Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative, puts it this way: “In the face of turbulence and change, culture and values become the major source of continuity and coherence, of renewal and sustainability. Leaders must be institution-builders who imbue the organisation with meaning that inspires today and endures tomorrow. They must find the common purpose and universal values that unite highly diverse people while still permitting individual identities to be expressed and enhanced.”

Unleashing Human Potential for Performance and Profit.

As a leader, the values that you embrace, and the beliefs that you hold are automatically transmitted to the group you are responsible for through your words, your behaviour and, of course, your actions.

92% of successful leaders have overwhelmingly agreed that the purpose of business is to have an impact on society beyond pursuing profit and wealth.

Creating Harmony in the workplace leads to business success

Leaders that creates harmony in the workplace, develops a culture that fosters growth. Teams work better together and ultimately experience greater success in their organization. 

Coaching Growth-Focused Entrepreneurs and CEO’s

Executive Coaching

If the leaders don’t change, the culture won’t change. This is why organisational transformation begins with the personal transformation of the leaders

Research shows that literally in the BLINK OF AN EYE is how fast it takes to make a good or bad first impression. In addition to a business plan and product or service concept, there is the all-important first impression and connection that the individual makes. Once a company is launched, the personality and mannerisms of a founder and CEO can set the tone for the entire workplace culture. Indeed, some of the largest companies have been known to take on certain personality characteristics and attitudes that can be traced up the ladder to the executive suite.

Executive Team Alignment

Leadership creates an advantage. Leaders who fail to innovate and change will be replaced by those who do, and organizations that fail to stretch themselves by thinking and acting differently will simply cede opportunity to others who more readily embrace change.

The executive team of each organisation needs to focus on aligning values, talent, culture, and strategy with the vision and mission of the enterprise. Achieving great operational performance requires a systemic approach, which embraces the entire ecosystem of an organization.

Group Training

Imagine how effective your organisation could be if you took the best parts of each employee and put them together to form a kind of “super employee”. Imagine how effective your organisation would be?

With all training initiatives, there is a desire for meaningful transformation, better performance, better communication skills, greater self-management and more cohesive teams.

No matter where your business or organisation is in terms of its goals and objectives or how amazing your product or service is, it is your people – their energy, commitment, attitude and approach that will take you to the top and keep you there.

Our Clients

I would highly recommend this course to any organisation that is serious about investing in its people and see the added benefit of improved performance. The course covers both teamwork as well as individual sessions. Individuals are enabled to overcome their challenges/fears/anxieties which results in personal growth and development. This has a positive effect in the work-place where the perceived barriers to success are removed, resulting in improved bottom line results. This we have witnessed as well as a positive lift in morale within my team. They are encouraged to challenge their perception and put goals and actions in place to get the results they desire.

In my experience as both a sales trainer and sports coach, individuals seldom outperform or underperform their self-image for very long. Regardless of what new skills, techniques and processes individuals learn, their self-image eventually regulates behaviours and outcomes to fall within the range of self-expectation. Adjusting your staff’s self-image is at the core of them improving performance, enjoyment and fulfilment in their roles.

I have seen first hand the impact Anneme is having working with individuals to adjust their self-image. Her training and expertise in identifying what self-limiting beliefs individuals have and how they can go about resetting these beliefs have a direct impact on their performance. It’s a simple principle, yet requires complex analysis. Anneme has a nonjudgmental warmth and understanding that nurtures clients into forming new, more-empowering beliefs.

Anneme is very gifted at allowing people to let down their guard, identify the beliefs that no longer serve them, and opens them up to the process of change. Anneme can add significant value to any company wise enough to appreciate the impact of self-worth and the role it plays in the success of their organisation.

I have always been a confident & successful person.  I was called to coaching and had an interesting journey to start with Anneme and cannot believe the positive changes in my life in such a short time. I have a successful business and am now expanding the revenue stream and going back to areas I only dreamt I could work in.  I am opening a Wellness & Career coaching business and cannot wait to take it to great heights.  I can’t wait to become a part of Anneme’s dream to heal the world.

Anneme Coetzee – Founder & CEO

Anneme Coetzee, the owner of Accelerated Business Excellence, is passionate about helping individuals to understand themselves so that they can achieve personal excellence. As an International Neuro Linguistics Trainer, she provides support to enhance the skills, resources and creativity that her clients already have – and challenges assumptions and thoughts that are blocking or disabling them from moving forward.

“The most important thing to remember with regards to NLP is that our words don’t describe the world we live in but rather they DETERMINE the world we live in.”

When we combine the power of language and utilize it to communicate effectively not only internally toward ourselves, in order to create the results we desire in life, but fundamentally outside towards the people we interact with on a day to day basis. This will empower us to start achieving our desired outcomes and results from a functionally successful, sustainable and mutually ethical way.