Signs & Symptoms … How Stress Manifests in the Mind

Feeling stressed and sapped of energy?

Like the joy is gone from your life?

No peace of mind?

Is your well-being adversely impacted?  

Chronic stress wears you down mentally and emotionally and changes the neural pathways in your brain creating negative thought patterns and feelings that impact your behaviours.   Ask yourself how many of the signs and symptoms of stress listed below you experience on an ongoing basis?  

·        excessive worry, fear, and anxiety

·        anger and frustration

·        impatience with self and others

·        mood swings, crying spells, sadness or suicidal thoughts and depression

·        insomnia, nightmares, disturbing dreams

·        trouble concentrating and learning new information, loss of focus

·        lack of motivation or feeling demotivated

·        racing thoughts, nervousness

·        forgetfulness, mental confusion

·        poor decision-making ability

·        feeling overwhelmed

·        irritability and overreaction to petty annoyances

·        excessive defensiveness or suspicion

·        increased smoking, alcohol, drug use, gambling or impulse buying

·        over- or under-eating

·        decreased interest in activities, exercise

·        disinterest in seeing or speaking to people (social withdrawal)

If you resonate with any of the above, stress is affecting you and holding you back from moving forward in all areas of your life! So how do you free yourself and get back to being YOU?   Neuroplasticity is our brain’s ability to rewire its neural pathways including those damaged by stress.  NLP life coaching interventions teach you how to develop and activate positive neural patterns to effectively combat stress regardless of age and circumstance.


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