Trauma & PTSD

What constitutes trauma?


A traumatic event is an incident that causes physical, emotional and / or psychological harm. It could be an accident, an assault, rape, death, illness / injury, divorce, abuse, a natural disaster such as a fire, flood or earthquake or a house break-in.


Immediately after experiencing a distressing event, shock and denial are common emotional responses. If the trauma is properly processed, the incident and its impact on the individual is minimised.


So what is PTSD?


PTSD stands for post-traumatic stress disorder which   occurs when trauma is inadequately managed and / or the overwhelming stress resulting from  an event exceeds one’s ability to cope and successfully integrate the emotions triggered by the experience.


People re-experience a traumatic event through recurring recollections, flashbacks and nightmares. Emotional numbness can result. Avoidance of places, people or activities which are reminders of the trauma or may trigger distressing memories, is common. Other symptoms may be Insomnia, concentration difficulties, feeling ‘jumpy’, and being easily startled, irritated or angered.


Symptoms may occur directly after the event or surface months or even years later,  and can be severely debilitating unless adequately addressed


So what can you do? NLP Life coaching deals directly with the emotions involved, and helps you to  clear and integrate the traumatic experience so that it no longer derails you and you can get back to living every day to the full!


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