Why Can’t I Lose the Weight?????

Why Can’t I Lose the Weight?????


Where the mind goes, the body follows. Weight loss is not just a physical endeavour. Did you know that emotional and mental issues affect the state of your body? You can force yourself to go on a diet or exercise regime for a while, but if you don’t change the beliefs/habits that are holding you back, then weight loss will only be temporary and will stop you from moving forward and achieving your goals. As long as you consciously or unconsciously believe that it’s impossible for you to be in shape, the longer your body and mind will continue to deliver on your belief that it’s impossible. Once you are clear on those unconscious beliefs, you can replace them with beliefs that support the end goal of ideal health and that bikini body. Eliminate the root cause of your weight problem, and your body will start responding the way you want it to. Your unconscious beliefs set the boundaries of your “comfort zone” and unless the comfort zone is reset, nothing will change.


Here are some of the most common:


‘All my family members are big, it’s in the genes’

Overweight people can be influenced by their families but they are more a product of their environment and habits than any genetic coding. Habits are passed down through generations, and those habits contribute to overweight problems much more than genes do. Epigenetics shows that genes do not control us, but instead, the environment affects gene expression. Studies with identical twins have confirmed that environmental factors and habits lead to weight gain/loss, independent of genetic background. The food you eat, your attitude and lifestyle affect which genes are expressed or suppressed. So you have the power to shape your body and destiny. You are not a victim of your heritage!


‘I can’t do it’

If you have tried unsuccessfully to lose weight many times before, you may find yourself struggling with a strong belief that you can’t lose weight.  Maybe you believe that you can only lose so much weight, or you may believe that you can’t lose any at all.  Either way, this belief hampers progress, so that it seems like a constant battle to keep going without results. Millions of people successfully lose weight and keep it off, and you can too.


‘No matter what I do….’

… I can’t lose weight. This creates a self-fulfilling prophecy because you are essentially failing yourself before you even allow yourself a chance to succeed.  What if you could be successful at everything you do from now on?


 ‘It’s too hard’

Even though most of us know that losing weight and changing our lifestyle habits aren’t going to be easy, once we get going and realise that it’s harder than we thought, we begin to doubt our ability to keep going and lose motivation. Resetting your comfort zone takes repetition, the more you make the small changes, the easier it becomes. Keep going, consistency is key!


“Stress, Anxiety”

When your body is under huge amounts of pressure, anxiety and stress it produces cortisol, adrenalin etc. The body experiences “fight and flight” response and responds with producing extra energy in order to either run away or fight the threat. When we don’t physically run, that additional energy is not used and therefore simply gets stored … as fat.


There are a number of factors that affect us on a daily basis physically and emotionally. Breaking the hold of old habits and beliefs will certainly propel you toward achieving your health goals. Contact us and we will assist you in clearing out those old patterns easily and empower you with beliefs and a focus that ensure your success.



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