Anxiety, let me go!

Anxiety: Fear of the Future


Anxiety is a combination of feelings of fear, apprehension, nervousness, worry and uncertainty. Mild, isolated events are usually vaguely unsettling but largely manageable … however, living in a constant state of anxiety day to day is debilitating. It can be so constant and intense that we begin to wonder if life is even worth living. When even the smallest of life tasks can seem overwhelming and insurmountable.


Severe anxiety can lead to panic attacks which are crippling in and of themselves and can also lead to other physiological ailments such as trouble sleeping, muscle tension, fatigue, restlessness and difficulty concentrating.

The more pressure you put on yourself to remain ‘in control’ the more ‘out of control’ you feel!


So what causes anxiety? It can be attributed to various environmental stressors such as relationships, finance issues, work troubles, challenges at home, traumatic events as well as genetics and brain chemistry or a complex interaction of these factors.

But what is most important are our belief systems and the way in which we process these stressors.

Many people experience these stressors and do not suffer anxiety … and so can you!


But what can you do to get your life back? Let go of and eliminate those irrational beliefs that are keeping you stuck in these negative patterns. A belief system is simply a thought or idea that has become very real and through which you experience your reality. So when you change those beliefs, you change how you experience your day to day life.


Some examples of beliefs about self, others, and/or the situation with regards to anxiety are:


What if  ……. happens?

Fears of  the future

I can’t do this

I’m such an anxious person

I can’t stop worrying

I feel useless and ridiculous

I can’t cope

I feel overwhelmed

Everything has to be perfect / done properly

What will people think of me?


Want to eliminate this vicious cycle? It is possible to break those patterns easily and effortlessly with TimeLine Therapy so that you can live a life free from crippling anxiety!


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Author – Louanne Smith

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