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Conflict Management

The ability to manage conflict effectively represents a strategic business advantage. Conflict does not have to be a source of anxiety and fear, it can be an opportunity for change and innovation. Being able to transcend a conflict means to master the ability to influence others and yourself. Reduce stress and increase energy Improved communication […]


REMEMBER YOU! Woman!     History has shown that woman are incredibly powerful beings! This is evident when we look at how dramatically our roles changed in the last two or three generations. How many women reading these words had a grandmother or great-grandmother working as a full-time professional? My suspicion is that it was […]

The future is here, Are you ready?

The future is here, Are you ready? Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics, virtual reality and machine learning are all frequently used buzzwords. Why is Neuroscience not positioned here? We all know the word and may even understand some of the concepts that are associated with Neuroscience learning techniques. Where can this take us? Neuroscience can help us […]

What is stress

  Stress is a state of mental, emotional and physical strain caused by adverse life events or circumstances and affects all of us at one time or another.   It is experienced as a ‘threat’ to your well-being and immediately and automatically activates a fight or flight response. Cortisol and adrenaline are released into your […]


Depression: Fear of the Past   Depression is feelings of severe despondency, rejection and despair which negatively affect your thoughts, moods and actions. It can be caused by past loss, trauma, relationship breakdown and various other stressful life events.   Some of the symptoms of depression are feeling empty, helpless, hopeless and/or worthless. It is […]

Anxiety, let me go!

Anxiety: Fear of the Future   Anxiety is a combination of feelings of fear, apprehension, nervousness, worry and uncertainty. Mild, isolated events are usually vaguely unsettling but largely manageable … however, living in a constant state of anxiety day to day is debilitating. It can be so constant and intense that we begin to wonder […]

Why Can’t I Lose the Weight?????

Why Can’t I Lose the Weight?????   Where the mind goes, the body follows. Weight loss is not just a physical endeavour. Did you know that emotional and mental issues affect the state of your body? You can force yourself to go on a diet or exercise regime for a while, but if you don’t change […]

Relationships: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Relationships: Should I Stay or Should I Go?   Deciding whether to stay in or leave a relationship is stressful. People experience many fears such as:   Fear of ruining the relationship Fear of being alone Fear of being single Fear of making a mistake Fear of losing ‘the one’ and living an unfulfilled life […]