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Can’t Stop Procrastinating?

Procrastination is an easy way that all of us get stuck. And yet, we may not even realize we’re doing it. We can create incredible reasons that make sense and is logic as to why we can/should or are even allowed to skip a specific task for later. These reasons are mostly unconscious emotions ie. fear and/or limiting […]


Everyone is fighting their own battles in their head, alone and disconnected. We all walk around so absorbed in our own world, our own stuff and challenges. Some days they seem insignificant and some days they are so overwhelming it can be hard to breathe. We swing from being ok to being absorbed in doubt and […]

Trauma & PTSD

What constitutes trauma?   A traumatic event is an incident that causes physical, emotional and / or psychological harm. It could be an accident, an assault, rape, death, illness / injury, divorce, abuse, a natural disaster such as a fire, flood or earthquake or a house break-in.   Immediately after experiencing a distressing event, shock […]

Psychosomatics – How Stress Affects the Body

What is psychosomatics? Psyche is the mind and Soma means the body. Simply put it is how the mind affects the body. They are intricately interconnected;  what goes on in our minds manifests in our bodies causing physical symptoms which alert you to mental distress.   You may think that illness is to blame, but […]

Emotional suffering…

Some people describe suffering as the space between reality and expectation. Another way of seeing it is unfulfilled ideals. When we have certain pictures or ideals in mind of how our  lives are supposed to look, what we should have accomplished, where we chould have been, and what we should have had, we experience emotional […]

Signs & Symptoms … How Stress Manifests in the Mind

Feeling stressed and sapped of energy? Like the joy is gone from your life? No peace of mind? Is your well-being adversely impacted?   Chronic stress wears you down mentally and emotionally and changes the neural pathways in your brain creating negative thought patterns and feelings that impact your behaviours.   Ask yourself how many […]