Can’t Stop Procrastinating?

Procrastination is an easy way that all of us get stuck. And yet, we may not even realize we’re doing it. We can create incredible reasons that make sense and is logic as to why we can/should or are even allowed to skip a specific task for later. These reasons are mostly unconscious emotions ie. fear and/or limiting beliefs.

 Your beliefs shape your behaviour or reaction to a particular situation. Your approach to specific tasks, projects or problems is based on the thoughts, or perceptions, that you hold about it. If you have a negative limiting belief about a specific task or project that you need to do or a challenge that you need to tackle, your automatic reaction is likely to be one of the following procrastination excuses:

  • It doesn’t really matter
  • I need to do _X_ first
  • I need more information to get started
  • I feel overwhelmed and have too much to do
  • I don’t have time at the moment
  • I don’t know how to do it
  • I can’t do it
  • I don’t feel like doing it
  • I can’t deal with this now
  • I am bad at / Not good at X (eg admin)
  • I can do it tomorrow


Although these may appear to be valid reasons at the time, they are in reality excuses based on self-limiting beliefs and fears and are extremely de-motivating in terms of achieving your goals.

Eliminating these self-limiting beliefs and fears is the first step.  The second? Forming new positive beliefs that challenge and reframe the task thereby motivating you!

People procrastinate for a variety of different reasons and procrastination on different tasks can have varying underlying causes.

If you’d like to increase your individual productivity and performance in all areas of your life then contact us for a free information session, we are happy to assist and shedding some light on a new way forward.



Author – Louanne Smith





Everyone is fighting their own battles in their head, alone and disconnected. We all walk around so absorbed in our own world, our own stuff and challenges. Some days they seem insignificant and some days they are so overwhelming it can be hard to breathe. We swing from being ok to being absorbed in doubt and fear, from being strong and feeling tough to falling apart and being consumed by our emotions…

It was this morning when an “old” friend just popped in digitally, to say hello and mostly to say thanks. Thanks for sharing some posts on Facebook. I generally share what I feel moved by, either on a personal level or something I know someone is dealing with currently in their life. It is my way of sharing a thought that might give someone a glimmer of hope or just enough to know they are not alone and that they can make it through another day. 

She came and filled my cup with her gratitude and she also reminded me of how important it is to stop and connect with each other. We live in a digital world of technology and devices that seemingly brings us closer together and at the same time create so much separation. It creates an illusion of connection and what we think is really going on. We think everyone is fine because their pictures are filled with smiles on Facebook or Instagram but underneath there is pain, sadness, struggles and fear.

She reminded me of how I can serve no-one when I am absorbed in my own “stuff”, because this is the very disconnect that creates the loneliness and isolation we try and avoid. We all want to be accepted, loved and connected but we are so afraid of judgement and rejection that we don’t have the courage to be honest about what we are dealing with in our lives. We are so afraid of the “dark” side that we avoid it at all costs and unfortunately we feed the isolation that way. We don’t always connect in the “light”, sometimes we connect much more in the “dark”, in our pain. If one has the courage to say, “hey I’m having a tough day…” perhaps we would create an opportunity, perhaps it will give someone else the courage to say the same and then there is space for compassion, then we have space to connect, to support, to listen and just perhaps, allow others to feel like they are not alone in the dark… after all, we all go there from time to time. We secretly hope to find someone there that can hold that safe space for us when we need it, when we need a moment to just catch our breath again. 

In a world filled with instant gratification, we have lost the real deep connection we get from each other. No post or amount of “likes” will ever replace the feeling of being cared for by another human being. I thank my friend for being brave enough and reaching out this morning, daring to step outside of the light long enough to share a small bit of gratitude from a momentary space of hope and relief from her pain, even if it was just for a moment, it was a moment that allowed us to connect again in compassion, in caring and in love.

Hold that safe and gentle space for someone and you will receive it back, give with love and compassion so it can find its way back to you. Be brave enough to be vulnerable and create the opportunity to allow a real connection to happen. Be brave enough to give the love and understanding that you are seeking. Be brave enough to do it with such consistency that it will find its way back to you tenfold..


Connecting with you in love

Anneme Coetzee

You are in charge of your mind and therefore your results

Most humans don’t realise that they have more than a super computer at their disposal. Our minds are powerful beyond imagination. We can create the results and outcomes we desire!

What would happen if you took charge of your own personal ‘super computer’ and used it to your full advantage?

What would happen if you were laser focused on what you want from life and used your amazing brain to help you find the necessary possibilities, probabilities and opportunities to make your dreams come true?

What if you discovered that many of the beliefs ‘installed on your supercomputer’ are limiting and not necessarily true or backed up by evidence; that there is a way of “reprogramming” your “computer” with beliefs that not only serve your dreams but also support your laser focus towards what you want?

Your Unconscious Mind is for you and your body what an operating system is for your computer. It runs everything, it stores your memories, beliefs and habits, regenerates cells in your body, runs your heart, sending blood through your veins, controls the immune system. It really runs everything in your life. It controls over 97% of your behaviour!!!

This is where you can learn and start to harness the power of your unconscious mind. By using it consciously and deliberately, to guide and influence you to make the best choices. And you do that by communicating with it. You ask it questions, offer up problems for it to solve, set up goals for it to achieve–so it can get to work to mine its reservoir to create answers, solutions, and actions. When you have a specific outcome you want to achieve–such as finding the ideal home for your family or overcoming a health challenge–what you need to do is to tell your unconscious mind exactly what you want in full detail.

Working with one of our NLP Coaches can assist you in getting rid of beliefs that no longer serve and support you, beliefs and behaviours that might be slowing down your ‘supercomputer’ and ultimately your results. Contact us if you are interested in finding out more with a free info session.


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Trauma & PTSD

What constitutes trauma?


A traumatic event is an incident that causes physical, emotional and / or psychological harm. It could be an accident, an assault, rape, death, illness / injury, divorce, abuse, a natural disaster such as a fire, flood or earthquake or a house break-in.


Immediately after experiencing a distressing event, shock and denial are common emotional responses. If the trauma is properly processed, the incident and its impact on the individual is minimised.


So what is PTSD?


PTSD stands for post-traumatic stress disorder which   occurs when trauma is inadequately managed and / or the overwhelming stress resulting from  an event exceeds one’s ability to cope and successfully integrate the emotions triggered by the experience.


People re-experience a traumatic event through recurring recollections, flashbacks and nightmares. Emotional numbness can result. Avoidance of places, people or activities which are reminders of the trauma or may trigger distressing memories, is common. Other symptoms may be Insomnia, concentration difficulties, feeling ‘jumpy’, and being easily startled, irritated or angered.


Symptoms may occur directly after the event or surface months or even years later,  and can be severely debilitating unless adequately addressed


So what can you do? NLP Life coaching deals directly with the emotions involved, and helps you to  clear and integrate the traumatic experience so that it no longer derails you and you can get back to living every day to the full!


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Psychosomatics – How Stress Affects the Body

What is psychosomatics? Psyche is the mind and Soma means the body. Simply put it is how the mind affects the body.

They are intricately interconnected;  what goes on in our minds manifests in our bodies causing physical symptoms which alert you to mental distress.


You may think that illness is to blame, but stress may well be the culprit behind all your  ailments!


So, you may ask … what should I be looking out for?

What are some of the effects of stress on the body?



·       Extreme fatigue

·       Headaches

·       Muscle tension – especially in the neck, shoulders and back

·       Unexplained aches and pains

·       Gastrointestinal (gut / digestion) Issues

·       Itchy skin

·       Changes in sex drive

·       Weight loss or gain


If left unchecked, stress in the body can contribute to the development of heart disease, premature ageing, Alzheimers, dementia and diabetes!


The techniques used in NLP life coaching  assist you in processing  mental stress which in turn relieves, dissipates and clears the physical symptoms of stress in the body.  All of this is possible because of the body-mind connection.


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Emotional suffering…

Some people describe suffering as the space between reality and expectation. Another way of seeing it is unfulfilled ideals. When we have certain pictures or ideals in mind of how our  lives are supposed to look, what we should have accomplished, where we chould have been, and what we should have had, we experience emotional suffering. But what is the root of our suffering?

A woman who wanted children of her own but has to undergo an emergency hysterectomy at a young age and is now unable ,might experience emotional suffering as a result. Is there another way of experiencing that kind of fulfilment and love? Perhaps she could choose to change her ‘picture/vision’  to adopting a child, considering a surrogate, or devoting her life to orphans… other options are still available.

For an aspiring Olympic athlete losing a toe in a climbing accident could mean inability to continue competing and consequent suffering.  Unless they change their ‘picture’ to perhaps becoming an Olympic athlete trainer or, or, or… they could endure unnecessary suffering.

Dr Wayne W. Dyer tells us: “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

How might it feel if you were to just loosen your grasp on whatever is the root of your suffering? It actually will really help if you are able to visualize yourself letting go of what you were grasping for and imagine you are freeing yourself from the idea or thought that creates the suffering.

You will find that letting go of even one painful thought makes all the difference. Try to remember that there is always more than one way to reach our destination.


Should you choose to want to work with one of our coaches, we assist our clients  in letting  go of negative emotions and allow for a deeper understanding whilst creating alternative options to alleviate suffering and live the life of your dreams.


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Signs & Symptoms … How Stress Manifests in the Mind

Feeling stressed and sapped of energy?

Like the joy is gone from your life?

No peace of mind?

Is your well-being adversely impacted?  

Chronic stress wears you down mentally and emotionally and changes the neural pathways in your brain creating negative thought patterns and feelings that impact your behaviours.   Ask yourself how many of the signs and symptoms of stress listed below you experience on an ongoing basis?  

·        excessive worry, fear, and anxiety

·        anger and frustration

·        impatience with self and others

·        mood swings, crying spells, sadness or suicidal thoughts and depression

·        insomnia, nightmares, disturbing dreams

·        trouble concentrating and learning new information, loss of focus

·        lack of motivation or feeling demotivated

·        racing thoughts, nervousness

·        forgetfulness, mental confusion

·        poor decision-making ability

·        feeling overwhelmed

·        irritability and overreaction to petty annoyances

·        excessive defensiveness or suspicion

·        increased smoking, alcohol, drug use, gambling or impulse buying

·        over- or under-eating

·        decreased interest in activities, exercise

·        disinterest in seeing or speaking to people (social withdrawal)

If you resonate with any of the above, stress is affecting you and holding you back from moving forward in all areas of your life! So how do you free yourself and get back to being YOU?   Neuroplasticity is our brain’s ability to rewire its neural pathways including those damaged by stress.  NLP life coaching interventions teach you how to develop and activate positive neural patterns to effectively combat stress regardless of age and circumstance.


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