The Power of Language – The key to sales is good communication.

The way you craft and phrase your communication has a huge impact on how effective and influential your communication is. Depending on how effective your language is, you can build agreement, shift the focus of attention, persuade others to your views, convince them to take action, motivate ourselves, and so much more, just with your choice of words.

Language not only explains our understanding of the world, it creates it.

  •  Build Agreement conversationally
  • Communicate effectively and deliberately
  • Build consensus with your clients
  • Develop powerfully persuasive communication skills
  • Develop win-win situations
  • Create deeper connections and build stronger relationships

Learn the power of real and effective communication and influence your relationships, your business and those around you positively.

In this training, you will learn effective communication to influence those around you

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Anneme Coetzee – CEO

Conflict Management

The ability to manage conflict effectively represents a strategic business advantage.

Conflict does not have to be a source of anxiety and fear, it can be an opportunity for change and innovation. Being able to transcend a conflict means to master the ability to influence others and yourself.

  • Reduce stress and increase energy
  • Improved communication
  • Increase cohesion and accountability
  • Quality decision making
  • Increase productivity
  • Increased perspectives

Understanding what is important to you and taking into consideration what is important to others will go a long way in reducing conflict. Sometimes we hold onto our perspective to tight in the details that don’t see that we have the same intention in the bigger picture.

Conflict keeps you stuck until it is resolved, any in-congruence in a team or relationship robs you of valuable time that can certainly be used more productively.

Resolve conflicts quickly and effectively and keep moving forward.

In this training, you learn to resolve conflicts quickly and effectively

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Business Breakthrough – A successful business starts with you

Your mindset is the foundation of your business.

When you focus on building the necessary mental strategies you need, then you underpin the foundation that will ensure that your business will succeed. Who you are, what you believe is possible about yourself and your business and your ability to handle the inevitable ups and downs of business, will ultimately direct the speed and destination of your business achievements.

  • Exponential personal growth
  • Align your values to business success
  • Eliminate negative emotions, doubts and fear of failure
  • Emotional Mastery
  • Effective and clear communication
  • Increased motivation
  • Clear focus
  • Remove Beliefs you hold that are limiting your success (e.g. I’m not good enough, I fear rejection)

A focused business breakthrough program is a rapid way to achieve significant changes in your personal and professional development. Are your values aligned with what your business needs from you to succeed?





History has shown that woman are incredibly powerful beings! This is evident when we look at how dramatically our roles changed in the last two or three generations. How many women reading these words had a grandmother or great-grandmother working as a full-time professional? My suspicion is that it was very rare… In an extremely short time in relation to earth’s history we women have evolved from full-time homemakers into entrepreneurs, professionals and full-time employees whilst still fulfilling the roles of homemaker, nurturer, parent and partner.


Being spread so thinly we often forget about ourselves and if we do, we remember to take care of our exterior but what about our interior… our mind, thoughts and feelings – the part of us that drives the rest. How easily do we lose the balance of work, self-care and other-care? The pressure to keep the balance has increased dramatically!


What can be done about this in the modern world? Bringing the focus back to you, the individual who chooses to fulfil all these roles successfully, making you the priority, not for selfish reasons but because you realise that if you lose your footwork, the negative implications on yourself and others will greatly overshadow the time invested in yourself.


When we take charge of our minds, thoughts and feelings the results will be hugely beneficial! Increased energy, boosted productivity and enjoyment in every role we choose to play in the current day.


You have an immensely powerful mind, one brain cell is more complexly wired than the entire telephone system of the world. We have a choice in how we process information, therefore what might overwhelm you now could be perceived and processed entirely as enjoyment. Stress can become being excited, etc….


Imagine having your entire mind supporting you in every area of your life…


Written by Elna Burger, True Awakenings

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The future is here, Are you ready?

The future is here, Are you ready?

Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics, virtual reality and machine learning are all frequently used buzzwords. Why is Neuroscience not positioned here?

We all know the word and may even understand some of the concepts that are associated with Neuroscience learning techniques. Where can this take us? Neuroscience can help us better understand how to shape the future! With the rapid change in our work environments, it is important to upskill our people and equip them for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Do leaders truly understand how to successfully prepare themselves for the new generation and implement a strategy to the advantage of the company?

There is an opportunity for companies to understand how people behave, Neuroscience concepts are fundamental to how you can view the future. It requires a synergy between technology and people. NLP – Neurological Linguistic Programming develops the human side of the organisation which is a sustainable investment where humans are at the centre of the design. NLP processes and tools have been carefully designed to rapidly shift limited thought patterns and behaviours, enabling people to influence with integrity, lead with commitment and significantly improve their state of emotional intelligence which has proven results on better communication in a results-driven organisation.

“Digital advances are creating a people-centred technology environment in which the power is people to shape technology for themselves”(Accenture,2017)

The future is here and if you are looking for a transition and you want to create a hub of innovation in your organisation, NLP training has emerged at the forefront of the skills development industry as the most powerful, practical solution-focused method to strongly align your values with your strategic objectives through transformational work done with your people.

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Published by Christine Vos (June 2018)

What is stress


Stress is a state of mental, emotional and physical strain caused by adverse life events or circumstances and affects all of us at one time or another.


It is experienced as a ‘threat’ to your well-being and immediately and automatically activates a fight or flight response. Cortisol and adrenaline are released into your system and your heart rate and blood pressure speed up. Our perceptions of the stressors are exaggerated, and we feel that our coping abilities are diminished.

Although there are common patterns, each person processes stress differently. Some of us handle stress much better than others. Why?

It’s all down to perception! How you understand and process the outside information, the meanings that you attach to these events make it very real to you, immaterial if they are real or not.

Can this be changed? Absolutely!

There are various stress management techniques which reduce the impact of stress by changing your perceptions of the stressors. This alters your responses and strengthens your coping abilities – all of which increases resilience and empowers you to deal with stress optimally. The strategies are easily and effortlessly learnt and acquired.

So …. what causes stress?

Let’s go back to a time before civilisation as we know it, where our ancestors led a completely different kind of life …

Whereas they usually experienced brief bursts of stress, we nowadays experience constant continual stresses in our everyday lives….

Ongoing tensions at work that remain unresolved … the price of entrepreneurship and all that comes with owning and managing your own business … family conflicts … friendship and relationship issues and breakdowns… finances … bills piling up … mortgages to pay … school fees … car repayments … to name but a few!

All of these stressors play and weigh on our minds.  Never far from the forefront no matter how much we try to push them to the back. And not only are we dealing with a whole new set of stressors to those of our ancestors … we also do not enjoy the same daily physical exertions and down times that they did that enabled their bodies and minds to recover physiologically and psychologically.

Instead, we keep going at a rapid pace neglecting to hit the gym and exercise or practice self-care and nurturing or taking a break … leading to chronic physical illnesses and emotional problems such as anxiety and depression.

Whether the cause of the stress is imminent physical and real… or mental and perceived, our bodies respond exactly the same way!

So unless the causes of your stress are removed or dealt with effectively, they will continue to cause problems.

NLP life coaching can help you identify and handle your stress optimally!

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Author – Louanne Smith


Depression: Fear of the Past


Depression is feelings of severe despondency, rejection and despair which negatively affect your thoughts, moods and actions. It can be caused by past loss, trauma, relationship breakdown and various other stressful life events.


Some of the symptoms of depression are feeling empty, helpless, hopeless and/or worthless. It is also characterised by irritability, loss of interest in usually pleasurable activities, feeling tired and lacklustre with zero energy, trouble concentrating, feeling overwhelmed by even the smallest of decisions, changes in sleep (insomnia or sleeping too much) and appetite (eating too much or too little) as well as body aches and pains.


Your thoughts around events have a specific impact on how you perceive your world and can lead to or worsen depression. Changing your thoughts requires examining the belief systems around them.


So what are some of the most common self-limiting beliefs that contribute to distorted thinking and exacerbate depression?

  • Assumptions – My boss is angry, I must have done something wrong
  • Shoulds – I should be happy and not depressed
  • Expectations – life is unfair, why do these things happen to me?
  • All or nothing thinking – I have to be the best, if not I am a complete failure
  • Overgeneralising – No one likes me
  • Labelling – I am so useless and pathetic
  • Dwelling on the Negative and Rejecting the Positive – the lamb is burnt so the meal is ruined … perhaps the veggies are just fine?
  • Comparing Yourself to Others – Mary has such a successful career and I’m just a stay at home mom
  • Catastrophising – oh no I missed the meeting, now I’m going to get fired
  • Taking things personally – It must be my fault


When we believe these distortions and take them as truth we become depressed. When we examine our patterns, challenge our thought processes and let go of false limiting beliefs then we are able to think, feel and act differently and more positively as depression lifts.


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Author – Louanne Smith


Anxiety, let me go!

Anxiety: Fear of the Future


Anxiety is a combination of feelings of fear, apprehension, nervousness, worry and uncertainty. Mild, isolated events are usually vaguely unsettling but largely manageable … however, living in a constant state of anxiety day to day is debilitating. It can be so constant and intense that we begin to wonder if life is even worth living. When even the smallest of life tasks can seem overwhelming and insurmountable.


Severe anxiety can lead to panic attacks which are crippling in and of themselves and can also lead to other physiological ailments such as trouble sleeping, muscle tension, fatigue, restlessness and difficulty concentrating.

The more pressure you put on yourself to remain ‘in control’ the more ‘out of control’ you feel!


So what causes anxiety? It can be attributed to various environmental stressors such as relationships, finance issues, work troubles, challenges at home, traumatic events as well as genetics and brain chemistry or a complex interaction of these factors.

But what is most important are our belief systems and the way in which we process these stressors.

Many people experience these stressors and do not suffer anxiety … and so can you!


But what can you do to get your life back? Let go of and eliminate those irrational beliefs that are keeping you stuck in these negative patterns. A belief system is simply a thought or idea that has become very real and through which you experience your reality. So when you change those beliefs, you change how you experience your day to day life.


Some examples of beliefs about self, others, and/or the situation with regards to anxiety are:


What if  ……. happens?

Fears of  the future

I can’t do this

I’m such an anxious person

I can’t stop worrying

I feel useless and ridiculous

I can’t cope

I feel overwhelmed

Everything has to be perfect / done properly

What will people think of me?


Want to eliminate this vicious cycle? It is possible to break those patterns easily and effortlessly with TimeLine Therapy so that you can live a life free from crippling anxiety!


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Author – Louanne Smith

Why Can’t I Lose the Weight?????

Why Can’t I Lose the Weight?????


Where the mind goes, the body follows. Weight loss is not just a physical endeavour. Did you know that emotional and mental issues affect the state of your body? You can force yourself to go on a diet or exercise regime for a while, but if you don’t change the beliefs/habits that are holding you back, then weight loss will only be temporary and will stop you from moving forward and achieving your goals. As long as you consciously or unconsciously believe that it’s impossible for you to be in shape, the longer your body and mind will continue to deliver on your belief that it’s impossible. Once you are clear on those unconscious beliefs, you can replace them with beliefs that support the end goal of ideal health and that bikini body. Eliminate the root cause of your weight problem, and your body will start responding the way you want it to. Your unconscious beliefs set the boundaries of your “comfort zone” and unless the comfort zone is reset, nothing will change.


Here are some of the most common:


‘All my family members are big, it’s in the genes’

Overweight people can be influenced by their families but they are more a product of their environment and habits than any genetic coding. Habits are passed down through generations, and those habits contribute to overweight problems much more than genes do. Epigenetics shows that genes do not control us, but instead, the environment affects gene expression. Studies with identical twins have confirmed that environmental factors and habits lead to weight gain/loss, independent of genetic background. The food you eat, your attitude and lifestyle affect which genes are expressed or suppressed. So you have the power to shape your body and destiny. You are not a victim of your heritage!


‘I can’t do it’

If you have tried unsuccessfully to lose weight many times before, you may find yourself struggling with a strong belief that you can’t lose weight.  Maybe you believe that you can only lose so much weight, or you may believe that you can’t lose any at all.  Either way, this belief hampers progress, so that it seems like a constant battle to keep going without results. Millions of people successfully lose weight and keep it off, and you can too.


‘No matter what I do….’

… I can’t lose weight. This creates a self-fulfilling prophecy because you are essentially failing yourself before you even allow yourself a chance to succeed.  What if you could be successful at everything you do from now on?


 ‘It’s too hard’

Even though most of us know that losing weight and changing our lifestyle habits aren’t going to be easy, once we get going and realise that it’s harder than we thought, we begin to doubt our ability to keep going and lose motivation. Resetting your comfort zone takes repetition, the more you make the small changes, the easier it becomes. Keep going, consistency is key!


“Stress, Anxiety”

When your body is under huge amounts of pressure, anxiety and stress it produces cortisol, adrenalin etc. The body experiences “fight and flight” response and responds with producing extra energy in order to either run away or fight the threat. When we don’t physically run, that additional energy is not used and therefore simply gets stored … as fat.


There are a number of factors that affect us on a daily basis physically and emotionally. Breaking the hold of old habits and beliefs will certainly propel you toward achieving your health goals. Contact us and we will assist you in clearing out those old patterns easily and empower you with beliefs and a focus that ensure your success.



Relationships: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Relationships: Should I Stay or Should I Go?


Deciding whether to stay in or leave a relationship is stressful. People experience many fears such as:


Fear of ruining the relationship

Fear of being alone

Fear of being single

Fear of making a mistake

Fear of losing ‘the one’ and living an unfulfilled life with substitutes because we lost the ‘real thing’

Fear of never getting married and having children

Fear of never meeting someone else or falling in love ever again


These fears result in the following unhealthy behaviours:

  • self-imposed pressure to conform to our partner’s ways of doing things
  • a tendency to accommodate and compromise at the expense of ourselves
  • avoidance of confrontation even when our principles are at stake
  • reluctance to enforce boundaries in case we alienate our partner
  • putting up with toxic, abusive behaviours

While these behaviours may seem rational in the short term, as they smooth out early rough spots in the relationship, they are unwise for the long term, as they cause issues and patterns that are damaging to both the individual and the relationship.

In this confusing mess, our heads are filled with thoughts: Is he or she the one for me? Is it meant to be? Can we make it work? How do I know?

Rid yourself of the fears so that you can make decisions with a clear head!

Break the patterns that do not serve you. Change behaviours.

Never sacrifice your dreams and goals for theirs or vice versa …you will come to resent them (or them you) later on. Explore who you are and where you want to be and whether these are allied with your partner or not.

Always consider your values – your values are a core part of who you are at your very soul. If yours and your partner’s values are not aligned, these can be re-aligned if you and your partner commit and mutually decide to do so.

Our relationship personal breakthrough can assist you in resolving all of the above … have the love, life and relationship you so desire!


Author – Louanne Smith


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