This is how I would like you to imagine the vast power of your Unconscious Mind:

Imagine that the top part of the iceberg, the part above the water represents your conscious mind and the rest is your unconscious mind. It’s also represents nicely how we are limited to see the bigger picture. Did you ever see an iceberg and even bother thinking about its size under the water? We are so conditioned to settle for what we can see…


More and more people are becoming aware that they have two distinct minds–the conscious and the unconscious. We are generally more aware of the conscious mind, because we spend most of our waking hours there, while we spend our sleeping hours in the unconscious mind.
There are 11 Million bits of information coming to you through your 5 senses every second, based on your beliefs, values and focus you process consciously only 126 of those bits. This works much like the World Wide Web(11 Million) and your google search bar(126 bits). So when you focus on debt for example, you are actually paying attention to it and typing in into your search bar. What type of information would you expect to get when you search for debt? Now how about you focus on what you want and imprint your conscious thoughts into your unconscious mind with the very same technique. Type into your search bar, abundant wealth/ easy cash flow and how different would the information be now?

We think, analyze, decide, compute, and reason with our conscious mind. It is home to logic and reasoning. The unconscious is the domain of all your emotions and home to all our habits, beliefs and values. You are focusing and attracting every second of every day anyway, why not learn how to attract deliberately and get the results you desire in your life.

This is where you can learn and start to harness the power of your unconscious mind. By using it consciously and deliberately, to guide and influence you to make the best choices. And you do that by communicating with it. You ask it questions, offer up problems for it to solve, set up goals for it to achieve–so it can get to work to mine its reservoir to create answers, solutions, and actions. When you have a specific outcome you want to achieve–such as finding the ideal home for your family or overcoming a health challenge–what you need to do is to tell your unconscious mind exactly what you want in full detail.

subconscious mind

Your Unconscious Mind is for you and your body what an operating system is for your computer. It runs everything, it stores your memories, beliefs and habits, regenerates cells in your body, runs your heart, sending blood through your veins, controls the immune system. It really runs everything in your life. It controls over 97% of your behaviour!!!

Scenario: Imagine having dinner at your favorite restaurant. You have 100% control over the choice of your meal and any other preferences. The waiter does not ask you for your last health checkup results or cholesterol numbers. It is completely up to you to make the right decision for yourself and your health. Once decided, the waiter takes down all the details of your order, how you would like it prepared and what side orders you would like with your meal. He then takes this to the chef to produce. The chef simply produces what is on that slip, he does not question, he does not offer advice, it simply creates the order. It is the engine of activity.

The waiter represents your conscious mind and the chef your unconscious. You are the master of your destiny and your choices and thoughts become the order you place with your conscious that in turn imprints this in your unconscious. Your unconscious is the engine and the more the system is maintained the more assured you can be of your results and output. This will apply in your personal life, your health, career and even your business if you have one.

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